FOOD SAFETY & QUALITY It is the policy of Kohinoor Ltd. to provide safe and legal food products that meet our customer requirements. We endeavour to comply fully at all times with both statutory and regulatory requirements and the requirements of the BRC Global Food Standard (Issue No.5, 2007). Kohinoor Foods has been awarded the EC 853 Approval Cert. This approval number has been recognised by the Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) whose principal function is to ensure that food produced, distributed or marketed in the State meets the highest standards of food safety and hygiene reasonably available. The basic hygiene requirements that the company must implement are based on EC Regulations 852/2004 and EC 178/2002. In addition the EC 853 number indicates that we have successfully implemented specific hygiene rules for handling food of animal origin, during preparation, handling and storage. This approval number assures our customers that our products are made to a high standard and to an approved food safety system. The approval number highlights that as a company we have implemented and continue to maintain procedures based on HACCP and secures a high level of customer protection with regard to food safety, contributing to the proper functioning of the internal market in products of animal origin. Our number and company details are available on the FSAI website. By having this certification, our products can be sold in all 27 EU countries. To implement this policy we operate a documented Food Safety and Quality Management system, which consists of a HACCP Plan and supporting Good Manufacturing Management procedures. Our Food Safety HACCP Co-ordinator has the authority and responsibility to ensure that the requirements of this policy are met. We provide the necessary resources, including finance, human resources, plant, equipment, personnel facilities and training for the effective operation of the system. The management monitors the effectiveness of the Food Safety and Quality system by carrying out a programme of internal and external audits and management reviews. Prompt and effective action is taken to correct any difficulties identified. All staff are made aware of this food safety and quality policy, which is now operational. Kohinoor Ltd has a system with the ability to trace materials from raw material source to finished product. Our aim is to implement an efficient and effective traceability system that will allow us to track unsafe or questionable food that we have produced or sourced as a finished product, or as an ingredient from one of our suppliers. TRACEABILITY At Kohinoor, we adhere to a strict traceability system: Supplier Traceability: All our raw materials are traceable back to their source supplier. Process Traceability: To trace the movement of all raw materials throughout our operation. Customer Traceability: All our products post-dispatch are fully traceable to each customer. Mass balance audits and recall tests are carried out bi-annually. Our aim is to implement a traceability system that complies with Guidance Note No. 10 "Product Recall and Traceability" by the FSAI (Food Safety Authority of Ireland). Kohinoor Foods, Unit F1, South City Business Park, Tallaght, Dublin 24. Tel: +353-1-458-5981 :: Fax: +353-1-458-5979 ::